Daily pay groups

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Daily pay groups

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I was just wondering why there are so many daily pay groups on Adult Work? Are they all the same? Are they all associated to the same company?

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Re: Daily pay groups

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Hi, we run them all yes, they have different purposes and different levels of members, eg new member and not new members. Different settings include auto dailypay, payout on request, weekly, high risk members, non verified, verified UK etc

There use to be only one group but when we maxed out the system on AW they recommended we create another one, then another one and on it went.

We also run the service for other groups, so you may see a dailypay group that doesnt have the name "adultworks finest performers" on it but it will still be serviced by our system, we offer the best rates and setup for other group managers to add dailypay to their group.

Landline - 02080508019 12midday - 5pm Mon - Fri - feel free to call us.

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