AW Christmas - End Of Year competion 2018

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AW Christmas - End Of Year competion 2018

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(You may of got the mass email to see this thread, if you didnt, its due to you not being signed up to the forums here where all important updates are released, you can register here).

Hi all, sorry for the delayed release of this competition. Its been a very busy 2018 and we have many new features coming out in 2019.

Unlike previous competitions this one is designed to be won by everyone who takes part and its also designed to forever help you and your career by hopefully improving your image online. I appreciate this is a more detailed competition than usual buts its all for your benefit.

The basics:

Improve your AW profile.
Create a twitter and setup auto retweets.
Do either a text or video interview on the camming world news outlet OCamGirl. Link for interviews coming soon, this is probably the most important step to bringing in brand new clients.

1. Improving your Adultwork profile (We can go through all these over the phone to make it easier if you wish, just let us know when to call you!)

All too many times we see members with bare bones profiles, this isnt going to attract very many clients so its time to fill out that profile abit.

To start, Improving your AW profile:

A: Do you have your three main images added? Check here and remember, no nudity if possible. If you do have nudity in the free to view areas make sure Adult Content Certification is turned off, it can be found here down a little bit.

B: On this page here make sure under "Other Settings" that "Other Sites:" is unticked, "External Advertising:" is ticked and "Consumer AV Required:" is unticked.

C: Add some FAQs here. Some examples may be your general online times, what you do and dont do on cam, escort, phone chat etc For examples you may check these top 4 AW profiles:


D: Complete the AW interview here.

E: Write at least one piece of erotica here.

F: Write at least one blog post here.


Sign up to twitter here.
Add some pics, if you need help, let us know. If you wish us to do this section for you, let us know.
Then to attach to AW so AW auto tweets when you are online, click here.
Under Twitter Integration tick all four boxes, doing this AW will ask to link to your twitter.

If you have a private gallery, go here and click "Tweet when someone subscribes" near the top.
Enable auto tweets on movies here (you must already have at least one movie).

Once setup you never have to do anything ever again and AW will auto tweet on your behalf.


We are in talks with OCG team to get our members interviewed on the OCG sites, its probably the most popular camgirl news site around and they have many new big features being released in 2019 so always best to check back.

Once we finalise everything with OCG we'll update the link here, you will be able to do a text or video interview. This should provide you with a steady stream of new clients you would never of got before. UPDATE - the interview link is here

After all the above is complete please email us on to have the £50 added to your balance.

Side step but not essential:

A: Add free gallery images, add private gallery images, add movies. If any help needed, let us know.

B: Sign up to the AW forums here.

The AW forums get around 40k clients per day visiting them so if you are a chatter box or wish to participate in a community its a great idea to post in the public forums, after you sign up please make use of this feature to enhance your signature here (your profile appears each time you post).

And did you know the AW forums have a private chat area just for webcammers? As a Dailypay member you get instant approval! Let us know if you wish to join after creating your AW forum profile.

If you need any help at all the staff and admins will be on hand to help you and you can even request we give you a call at a time that suits you.

UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri
Whatsapp 07547848213
Skype: dailypayservice
Whatsapp group: message 07547848213 with your AW username and ask to be added to the AW chat group. Remember you can mute notifications for the group as there is alot of chatting going on in there :)

Follow us on Twitter here

This competition is limited to the first 100 members, even if not in the first 100 its best to complete the steps anyway.

End note: Did you know Dailypay operates on many more sites, even adding the biggest phonechat site NiteFlirt recently, all viewable here, any questions let us know, please note alot of them require you to signup via us first and not the website directly.
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri - feel free to call us.

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Re: AW Christmas - End Of Year competion 2018

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Hi all, the interview page is now active here
UK Office landline number is 02892108055 5pm-7pm Mon-Fri - feel free to call us.

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