problems logging

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problems logging

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i have some probblems
i try to loggin on adultwork but receve an error
'' ucannot connect to server, user name already in use ''
ive talked with advisours from aw , we have 2 weeks since they try to fix thsi problem
first they told me to change my user name and then login
done that but still cant log in because i get the same message , user name already in use ..
today last message was that maybe is because of my pc , not from them
but i think that cant be possibile
because i trye dto log in from diffrentes place , diffrents pc , diffrens network hardware router moden
i was very carefull with the detailed to put then right and its doesnt work ...
its always says my user name is already in use ...
i send a message to support istreaming but they doesnt answear ...

anyone can help me pls ..?
thank you ...

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