Leave 10 credits on AW account 27th Nov

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Leave 10 credits on AW account 27th Nov

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Hi, the setting failed to work this week if you were apart of the group http://groups.adultwork.com/4246

For all other Adultworks Finest groups the setting worked ok.

The setting is automated and doesnt always work, if you select it you do so knowing its not 100% accurate and your credits may be transferred completely.

If you must always have the credits on balance then you may be in the wrong setting, the above group is auto dailypay members. Payout On Request or Weeklypay may work better, you can switch here https://www.dailypayservice.com/main/in ... &ff_page=1

The setting was offered "as is" and we take no responsibility for it not working every single time its expected to work, its a side setting unrelated to our main systems and we do not have control over it.

There can be no complaints whether it works or not.
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