JustCamIt Help Please!

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JustCamIt Help Please!

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Hi Everyone.. Hope you are well.

I’m having some serious issues with justcamit lite, I’m currently using a mac book pro laptop and have had no problems streaming off the safari browser before. I dont know if its a flash update ive installed or something but it wont let me click the log in button when i put all my details in. Ive disabled any content blockers and allowed all the javascript and flash for the website and also for some reason it doesnt pick up my webcam so i just get a blank screen that it wont let me change the camera source on the justcamit lite page but if i click on the flash settings to select and allow the devices i can see and select my webcam fine?

Also does anyone know how I can run that bootcamp on my laptop so I can install the normal version of just cam it? If possible step by step instructions on what i should do for this would be so help and ill be extremely grateful as im terrified im going to c@&k up my whole laptop!

anyone who can help me Please :?:

Thank you in advance!

Alessa xx

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