How to join us on

The join form for Niteflirt is here

Site information for Niteflirt can be found here.

Existing accounts may join, we do not setup new accounts here ourselves.

In general applications are processed within 1-2 working days normally.

After you signup via our website, the NF staff here will check the account and setup our payee details on the account then set the account to Paused.

Only when you request your first payout do we then set the account to ExpressPay.

The minimum is never changed on our side unless you expressly tell us to do so, it will be left as it was for you to set.

We have 2 payout systems available on NF:

1. The default is, you signup, request a payment, we then set the Expresspays to automatically pay out (to our details) and each time you request funds all expresspays not paid out to you yet are sent. The benefit to this setup is speed, as the expresspays are already coming out we are able to send same day payments in nearly all cases (NF payout is Mon-Fri in general).

2. While not used by members often this has its usage, its the same as above but after you request funds and we pay them out we then set your account back to paused. We try to process these as quickly as possible but in some cases you may have to wait 1 extra working day for payment to be sent, as we have to set the account to expresspay each time you request funds and then wait for it to come out before we can send any funds to you.

We handle the payee details on the NF account, members dont need to edit/change them, NF pay us and we pay the member directly.

We also maintain a Niteflirt Whatsapp Group, if you wish to join please contact us on whatapp via +447547848213 with your NF username.

Note: "Why is the password needed?":

Unfortunately at this time Niteflirt dont have a studio system for us to use, this is also the reason we can only offer Payout On Request on the site as we have no way of telling when a member has worked unless they request funds. The password is used so we can enter our payee details into the account then manage the expresspays, this stops any errors of input if a member had to do it, we also need access to be able to tell what the member has earned and for record keeping. From time to time a refund may occur on the NF account also (eg failed payout to Cheque/Masspay etc), accessing the account helps give us a clear picture of the finances. Its also for our own security of funds.