Download the GBP version here and/or the USD version here.

Special note: When entering your number its “+4407123…” not “+447123…” or “07123…”
So you would include the +44 and the starting 0, its an odd way they do it.


What is the prepaid card?

It works quite similiar to a debit card, you can use it in store, online or at millions of ATMs around the world to withdraw cash from.

What are the benefits?

Depending on your country it can be much faster than a bank transfer. It has the potential to save you thousands per year. No funds enter your bank account and there is no risk of your bank closing the account or freezing your funds.

Who operates the program?

Cosmo Payments operates the prepaid card through its various ranges of card issuers. Their Trust Pilot page is here.

What are the fees?

They can be seen here. ($ and £ is interchangeable so $3 is £3).

Do they have an app?

Yes they have an app in both the App Store and Google Play.

Can I have both the USD and GBP versions of the card at the same time?

Yes, members may use the USD version on all our USD sites and can use the GBP version at the same time on our GBP sites.

Is a Euro card available?

Not at this time no sorry.


How do I switch may payment method to the prepaid card?

Contact us via any method you wish and let us know the 9 digit SAN that shows on your dashboard when you login to Cosmo.

Is there a whatsapp chat for the prepaid card?

Yes, it can be joined here.


Which card works with which site?

GBP Version USD Version
Any GBP sites including the following: Any USD sites including the following: (coming soon) (if your currency is GBP on CR) 2.0 (if your currency is USD on CR) (coming soon) (not accepting new signups)