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As NF is a unique site in which only pays UK members by Cheque monthly with it taking 6 weeks to reach you then further delays in the funds clearing we have had to structure the fee slightly different.

Based on NF's payout of 70%:

- £10 fee for the first payout each month (this is to cover the cost of us depositing a cheque into our bank).

- % rate fee is -7% (gross) / -10% (net).

If you have a reserve set on NF it will be deducted from the first payout also as NF dont pay this out.

You can request payout as many times as you like during the month and only one fee of £10 will be applied to the very first payout.

We hope this suits everyone, we have tried our best to keep the rates as low as possible. With the 6 week spread of when you get paid via us and our bank processes the cheque the exchange can vary wildly.