Since The Dailypay Service started the first dailypay group on Adultwork over 10 years ago many copycats and replicas have popped up over the years, very few make it beyond the first year, here is a comparison list of the groups currently offering dailypay on today.

 Check out the recent thread on the AW forums titled "Dailypay groups which dont actually pay daily? More common than you may think."

Adultworks Finest Performers is the only official Dailypay service on Adultwork run by The Dailypay Service. If the group name doesnt have Adultworks Finest Performers in it then they arent official.

  Adultworks Finest Performers (AWF)  4-Play Models  FIFTY SHADES OF PLAY  Webcam Models  ~ SX-ELITE ~ DAILY PAY ~

 -¤- DAILY PAY -¤


First4classescorts        •LondonGems• The only way is XXX
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Payout On Request?                
Rates: DP free, Weekly and Payout on Request +2.5% extra (-33.5%)   -50% payout for both -50% payout -50% payout for all 3 -43% payout for all 3 -50% payout -50% payout for both -50%/-60% depending on tariff chosen
Members?  1200+  249  27  51  33  180  17  344  302
AW Ratings?  200,000  6.8k  152  305  468  18k  225 1.4k  16k
UK Landline?                         
Forum members?  10,000+  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  50  n/a  n/a  n/a
Active Years?  11+  1  1  1  1  1-2  1  1  1





Links to the groups on AW:

Adultworks Finest Performers (AWF):

4-Play Models:


Webcam Models:


-¤- DAILY PAY -¤:



The only way is XXX:


AW Forum scammer list is here:


Info for the above taken Aug 2017, screenshots can be seen here:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3